The diploma which vouches for your credit worthiness in the business world

Soliditet began valuing companies in 1908, and diplomation was introduced in 1996. However, our credit rating system, the Nordic region’s oldest, and most well-established, was implemented as early as 1989.

Thanks to the quality of our credit rating model, allied with Solditet’s integrity and considerable history (we were founded in 1908), our rating system has won both acknowledgement and widespread recognition. Today, all this helps companies do better, safer business across the entire Nordic region.

Criteria for diplomation

As a credit worthy company, you can order a diploma from us. Read more in our rating guide

A company which have had an AAA rating for at least 3 years can also buy an exclusive diploma. The exclusive diplomas available in a three-stage scale where AAA Bronze is given to companies with a AAA rating 3 years in a row, AAA Silver is given to companies with a AAA rating 5 years in a row, while AAA Gold is given to companies with an AAA rating in as much as 10 years. This kind of rating shows that you have a very solid company. Read more about our rating diplomas


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