AAA History

In 2009, Soliditet’s AAA (triple A) credit rating system celebrated its 20th birthday

Soliditet was the world’s first company to use a computer-based specialist system capable of rating a company’s financial status and solvency. Regardless of the financial climate, over the years, the AAA rating has demonstrated that bankruptcies can be predicted up to one year in advance, with a probability of about 68%.

Svar Direkt, the AAA rating’s previous incarnation, was launched in 1989. It was the world’s first computer-based specialist system, capable of diagnosing a company’s solvency without human input. The emergence of AAA was a pivotal change, the impact of which was felt throughout the industry.

Our credit rating system opened up a host of new opportunities to perform valuations and comparisons. Suddenly, it was easy to perform analyses on both customers and suppliers, as well as obtaining an accumulative assessment over total credit risk.

From all limited companies to every company type

In conjunction with the launch of the AAA system, Soliditet carried out valuation of every limited liability company. In 1991, this group was extended to include all trading partnerships, limited partnerships, and sole trader enterprises.

Today, Soliditet’s credit rating system encompasses in excess of 460.000 Danish companies. The assessment criteria vary somewhat depending on the company type, which is why the service was implemented in gradual stages.


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