Sole proprietorship

Credit Rating of sole proprietorships – for your security

Based on a high demand in the market, we are now offering our Credit Rating on sole proprietorships. It allows you to gain a deeper knowledge about mores customer’s and supplier’s payment abilities and overall condition. This way we offer you even more security against loss.

We perform our credit rating on sole proprietorships without accounting figures, as these companies are not legally bound to publish their annual accounts. Still our thorough tests show us that the credit rating on sole proprietorships has an actual predictive value regarding a company’s probability of failure.

Our specialists have spent a long time meticulously analysing the different criteria which constitutes the foundation on which our credit rating is calculated, and their affect on each other. Thereby it is determined that all of them hold significant value when deciding a company’s probability of going into liquidation.

Documented probability of bankruptcy

With our credit rating you receive a company’s probability of default. When you work with calculated probability, there will be rare instances, which differ from the overall picture.

Have your credit rating recalculated

If you feel that your company deserves a higher rating you are welcome to send us your account figures. That way we can do an immediate recalculation of your rating including the new information. Contact us by phone +45 36 73 81 84 or by e-mail

With our credit rating we aim to enable companies to enter into more and safer transactions. Read more about our credit rating

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