Assessment Components

Our segmental ratings establish a company’s overall credit rating

Our rating is based on different part judgements on a company. It is a combination of these part judgements, which decides an up-to-date rating on a company. If any of the areas of the part judgements change, a new rating is calculated immediately.

The four assessment components are:
Profile and condition
The general condition of the company is examined. This includes deciding whether the company is active, in suspension of payments or under liquidation. The profiling of the company also include information regarding when the company was founded, which line of business it belongs to etc.

Group information
It is decided whether the company is part of a group, and the group owner’s condition is examined.

Economy is the most important part of the assessment of the company. The assessment is based on the figures in the annual accounts.

Information is collected on payment experiences. It is information about a company's payment patterns by number of days that an invoice is paid before / after the last payment date.


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