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We know if your customer risks going bankrupt – one year in advance

Credit loss is a reality for every company, and, in many cases, it can prove all too costly. If you are looking to minimise your risks, however, our credit assessment system is an investment which will pay for itself over and over again. Since the introduction of the AAA rating on the Danish market, Soliditet regularly compiles and analyses statistics over its effectiveness.

With Soliditet credit assessment system you know – a whole year in advance – whether a customer or supplier is heading towards bankruptcy. We regularly analyze all insolvent companies. In our database we find the rating which was given to the company before the bankruptcy. Thereby, we can diagnose the risk that a company would go bankrupt within the next 12 months.

Our rating and rating statistics makes it easy for you to calculate the risks in your customer portfolio. It is thus an appropriate tool, if you strive to create a profitable business.

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