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A diploma from us testifies to your company’s long-term credit worthiness

Soliditet has been rating companies since 1908. We have been using our credit rating system, AAA, since 1989, and introduced our diplomation programme in 1996. If your company has an AAA, AA or A rating, you can proudly show your creditworthiness to others by ordering a diploma from us. The diploma shows your business partners that your company is reliable and credit worthy. Solidity can help you strengthen your credibility with your existing and potential partners.

As a creditworthy company you have access to our diplomas, which shows your rating, business name and DUNS-number. Moreover, the diploma informs about the number of businesses with the same rating in Denmark and within your industry.

How to get a diploma

AAA is only given to joint-stock companies and limited liability companies. In addition, the company must have an excellent ability to meet current payment obligations. AA is the highest rating, which partnerships, limited partnerships and sole proprietorships can obtain. Here the company must have a good ability to meet current payment obligations. To get an A rating the company must have a sufficient capacity to meet current payment obligations. Read more in our Rating Guide

Exclusive diploma – for the really long termed

In Soliditet, we are of the belief that companies which have a really stable economy, deserve extra attention. Therefore, we offer exclusive diplomas to companies with a multi-annual AAA rating. They come in three different versions.

AAA Bronze is for companies, which have been rated AAA 3 years in a row, AAA Silver requires 5 years as AAA, while AAA Gold is given to those companies that have been AAA throughout 10 years.

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