Portfolio Analysis

When have your customer database last had a health check?

Are your customers updated? Do your customers receive the letters you send them? Do your customers have available funds, and who are in fact your customers? With Soliditet’s Portfolio Analysis you will get a clean and updated database.

In a simple and easy way we give you an overview of your market and help you find new customers. With an updated and clean customer/prospect-database you can rest assured that your data is correct and cleansed for doublets and incorrect information. Whether you are employed in a sales, economy or marketing position, flawless data is essential for increased revenue and optimal use of your resources. Soliditet have more than 25 years of experience with data cleansing and is one of Europe’s leading businesses in this particular field.

Know your customer’s economy

Did you know that the majority of your credit loss is caused by your old customers? Our experience tells us that 80 % of all losses occur on existing customers. Your customer’s economy can change rapidly, and that is when it becomes important for you as a supplier, to have the right tools at hand to change terms of credit and strategy in time.

Know the risk and potential in your database

Soliditet helps you make the right decisions with our Portfolio Analysis, which will provide an immediate overview of your customers, distribution of groups of risk, group information and potential prospects and market shares.

More information

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The business advisors at Soliditet are experienced and competent specialists who are equipped with the latest tools for analyzing patterns and behaviour in customer databases and transactions.

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