Gazelle Companies

History Of The Gazelles

A gazelle is a company, which during the four most recent financial years has had a positive growth in turnover or gross result and which in total has doubled the turnover or gross result throughout the period.

The survey draws its inspiration from the US, where economist David Birch of Cognetics Inc. described the company development in the US in following terms: In the 1950s it was “The Elephants”, big companies like US. Steel Corp., General Motors Corp and General Electric Co., which dominated the world.

In the 1980s “The Mice” took over. The small companies with no more than 20 employers contributed to the 20 m. new jobs, which were created net in the private sector contemporary with the elephants dismissing 4 m. people.

In the 1990s the gazelles took the lead. Here we are dealing with companies big enough to own the necessary technology in order to compete, but at the same time small enough to react quickly according to change. David Birch’s analysis showed that the gazelles in the US only account for 3 percent of the American private sector workforce, but in return they account for 70 percent of the newly created jobs in the US.

On the basis of David Birch’s American survey, the daily paper Børsen thought it to be natural to examine, whether the same tendency could apply to Denmark. As it turns out, the gazelles in Denmark are leading the way in growth and are particularly efficient in generating jobs.

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