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Be proactive and avoid risk with our credit monitoring service

Like most other companies, we assume that profitability and improved cash flow are near the top of your agenda. By obtaining information on events occurring among your customers and business contacts, you can rest easier, react in good time if necessary, and focus on making the right decision. Business Monitor, our credit monitoring solution, provides signals in good time which help you avoid credit risks and problems with suppliers. You gain an effective, user-friendly tool which continually surveys your company’s risks and opportunities, both in Sweden and the Nordic region.

Business Monitor offers constant access to up-to-date information regarding customers, suppliers, rival companies, prospects, and partners. This tool is known for being user-friendly and efficient. You can easily filter those events which you consider most important to find out about quickly.

In addition to the occurrence of external events, you also receive signals when the credit rating, Failure Score and Payment Index at the company under surveillance change. You receive quick signals, which you can rely on. Soliditet’s credit monitoring solution helps you take care of and monitor the companies you do business with.

Your path to profitable business

With Business monitor you get:

  • early warning signals helping you avoid credit risks and problems with suppliers,

  • the opportunity to discover and act on positive changes,

  • a smart, user-friendly tool which monitors a large number of events, 24 hours a day,

  • information contributing towards increased profitability and improved cash flow.

You can also monitor your business contacts across the entire Nordic region

In addition to monitoring of Danish companies, versions of Business Monitor are also available in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

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