Company Analysis

A thorough analysis of your business

With Soliditet's Company Analysis you get a thorough analysis of you company. The analysis contains detailed information on your company's credit rating and information about how your company is performing in relation to the line of business and in relation to three compepitors of your own choice.

The Company Analysis provides existing and potential business partners with a clear indication of whether your company is a well-established and reliable business partner. In addition, the Company Analysis shows your position in comparison with the line of business and your nearest competitors. This is useful information in negotiations.

This analysis provides you with:

  • Credig rating with up to ten years history

  • Credit maximum

  • Assessment Components of our rating

  • Basic data

  • Ownership

  • Payment Index

  • Key figures and accounting figures

  • Comparison with the line of business

  • Comparison with three competitors of your own chioce

Documentation on your creditworthiness

The Information in the Company Analysis is updated daily. This means that you will always get current numbers.

Use the Company Analysis Analysis in purchasing, business presentations, tendering, supplier negotiations, competitive bidding or at the Board meeting.

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