Gazelle Companies

Companies in massive growth

Every year in October the daily paper Børsen and Soliditet elect the few companies in Danish corporate world, who are appointed as Gazelle companies. It is a most prestigious title, which requires the company to meet a number of high demands regarding growth. In 2012 only 833 companies attained the title.

The selection of the Gazelle companies come to pass by use of Soliditet’s database, which contains more than 600.000 VAT registered companies. This ensures that every Danish public limited and limited liability companies are taken into account. Only a small fraction of these companies are able to live up to the selection criteria.

Use the Gazelles as target group
Even though your company is not fortunate enough to be elected Gazelle, you can still benefit from the election. The Gazelle companies are an evident target group, if you want to impact companies with an extensive need for investment. We deliver the Gazelles on a USB key and you can use the data as desired and needed.

If you want to know more about the offer, please contact Soliditet at telephone number 3673 8184.

Use your Gazelle status
As an elected Gazelle you have good reason to show your business partners and the outside world your ability to create massive growth. We therefore offer you a diploma as proof of your achievement.

If you wish to purchase a diploma, please contact Soliditet at telephone number 2673 8184.


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